Come along for the ride and step into the action with Talking Tom and Friends.

Talking Tom

Keep up with Talking Tom and his brilliant words of wisdom.

Talking Tom Gold Run – Air Racing Championship


Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank and Talking Ginger are set to compete in an incredible air race.


NEW in Talking Tom Gold Run – Win the Race!


Can you beat Talking Tom in a race? We’ll show you how in Talking Tom Gold Run! Then you can beat two opponents to win the Racing Contest and get incredible rewards. You’ll soon be climbing up the leaderboards – the view from the top is pretty sweet!

Shorts #35 – Unboxing Gifts


You’d think getting presents would make Talking Tom and the gang happy, but no! It’s turning them against each other. Who knew gift giving could be so crazy?

Shorts #34 – Upside Down Prank


Talking Tom gets naughty and wants to prank Talking Hank. But his crazy plan backfires and strange things start to happen.

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Talking Tom And Friends

Follow the latest adventures of Talking Tom and the gang!

The Sabotage


Talking Angela’s a pop star! Turns out Talking Tom’s a pretty good manager. Or is he? Maybe he should have read the fine print about who he sold the song to…

The Cool and the Nerd


An old friend is back, but there’s something strange about him…

The Backup Genius


Talking Ben decides to get an assistant, but his friends are suspicious of the new guy.

Couples Clash (Part 2)


Two couples enter. One couple leaves. Who will win the epic game of Couple Clash?

Talking Angela

Check out the latest fashion and lifestyle tips from Talking Angela.

Talking Angela – Simple Style Tips


Hey, #LittleKitties! Lots of you have asked me for fashion advice and I wanted to help so… Ta daaa! These are my top fashion tips and tricks – just for you!

Talking Angela – Healthy Summer Ice Cream Recipe


What do I eat in summer? Well, ICE CREAM, of course?! This is one of my fave ice cream recipes – it’s healthy, yummy, raw, AND vegan. You have to try it!! And after you try this one, you’ll definitely want to learn how to make yummy vegan chocolate mousse and chocolate power balls! So watch this collection of healthy and delicious recipes and enjoy!

Talking Angela – My Summertime Favorites


I love everything about summertime so picking my favorite summer things wasn’t an easy job! But I managed to do it AND I even snuck in a little DIY tutorial on how to make summer popsicles. Enjoy!

Summer Fun at the Beach with Talking Tom


It’s time for a beach bonanza! Talking Angela and Talking Tom are talking a day trip to the seaside for some fun in the sun!

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Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Mini in size, but massive in fun!

Minis #39 – Angela the Detective


Someone doodled on Talking Angela’s picture! But who? Angela turns detective to try and solve the mystery. Which one of her friends did the deed?

Minis #38 – The Flood


Drip… Drip… WHOOSH! What starts as a few drops of rain soon turns into a huge rainstorm. With that crazy hole above his house, will Talking Ben be able to keep out the flood?!

Minis #37 – Hungry Hank


Talking Hank needs to get fit so Talking Angela steps in to help him. But will he be able to stay away from his favorite junk foods?

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Minis #36 – The Movie Kiss


Romance is in the air! Talking Tom really wants to kiss Talking Angela, but the time’s never right. Will he get his special moment?

Talking Ginger

Take a sneak peek into the amazing world of Talking Ginger’s imagination.

Talking Ginger’s Great Story Book


It’s time for the most epic Story Time of all! Nine of Talking Ginger’s amazing stories are now in one place – just for you! They’re filled with magic, treasure and adventure. Are you ready for the fun?

Talking Ginger Learns – Cars, Trains and Ships (Compilation)


Find out what kinds of vehicles Talking Ginger loves the most in this incredible three-episode compilation.

Talking Ginger’s Story Time – A Visit from Space


Will Talking Ben find aliens using his invention? Let’s watch to find out!

Talking Ginger Learns – Amazing Animals (Compilation)


Aren’t animals amazing? In this awesome three-episode collection, you can learn all about the world’s biggest, best and most bizarre animals with the one-and-only Talking Ginger!